all about me

I have a wonderfully silly family that my life revolves around.  I appreciate a good sense of humor, and this family has truckloads!  We're all very creative, although if it shows up in different ways.  We've got artists, photographers, designers, directors, writers.  And other things that we're learning as we go.  

I like trying new things and sometimes that means learning a new skill in the process.  I've repaired drywall, refinished an antique cabinet, stretched carpet, installed electronic switches and fixtures, recovered car upholstery, built and installed closet shelves, pruned trees, designed and built garden arbors, pergolas and garden boxes, retaining walls and sprinkler systems.  

Hardware stores are almost as much fun to browse through as fabric stores!  I like figuring out how to jury rig things with whatever I have in my toolbox. My husband called me a super evil genius when it comes to hardware.  I just think its fun!

I still have a lot of things I want to do.  I'm a perennial student and one of these days I'll actually be done and can say I got that elusive degree.  

I would like to:
  • Learn to sail.  I guess I need water for that.
  • Fish.  I love to eat it so I want to catch it.
  • Quilt.
  • Get a degree in costume design.
  • Maybe mechanical engineering.
  • I'll fill these in later.

I admire people who aren't afraid of trying new things no matter how old they are.  I like to think that you're only as old as you feel.  I feel like I'm 29!

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