Our little house is getting a makeover one room at a time.  It seems to be taking forever and it can get discouraging but I am reminded by friends and family how much we have done in the three years we've been here.

I've been contemplating what to do now that the living room is mostly done and I decided I was going to tackle the stairs on the porch.  In order to do the back bedroom we need to get the furniture out.   But the only place to put it is in the loft.  Access is impossible right now with the ladder/staircase we use to get up there.  It seemed like a good idea until I realized that we haven't done much with the foyer and its the first thing we see when we open the door.  It might go long way to improving morale.

Its a small triangle of a room.

So we want the flooring to be something that doesn't accentuate the geometry of the room.  I recently finished the fireplace with slate tile and liked the idea of continuing the slate look in the foyer.  

So naturally I went to Pinterest to get ideas.  Everything was so angular, square or geometric.  Until we found this one:

This is actually a sheet of seven tiles that appears random but that fits together like a puzzle.  Very cool.

My search starts online to see what prices will be like.  Actually, I consider for a very short while, that I could use the leftover tile from the fireplace and cut them myself.  Meh.  Time is money.  It's going to take about 28 sf of tile and at $15 a sheet I'm looking at $420 plus freight.  

For those of you who have never read The Jackrabbit Factor by my sister, Leslie Householder, you should take time to read it because it's amazing.  Without even thinking about it, this is the way I live my life.  This is how we came to be here in Gunlock and this is how I found my tile for the foyer for $59.  

I'd spent so much time searching for the perfect solution - the right price, color and shipping online but I wasn't having much luck.  So when I found myself in town I dropped by Carpets Plus and asked if they had this particular tile I was looking for. Whaddyaknow.  There it is hanging on the wall.  Its larger than I thought it would be and its even in the color I want.   The sales girl went over all the details and measurements with me then realized when she went to order it that it was discontinued by their supplier.  BUT, there is plenty in the warehouse for what I needed so I got the discontinued price.  Yippee!!

I'll post a picture of my foyer when its done.  It may be a while...I'm trying to finish a new chicken coop for the eight chicks we're raising on the porch.


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