My wheat grinder

I'd like to share something kind of personal that had a tremendous effect on me.  

Years ago, my husband and I hit a proverbial road block and had to live off our home storage for a while.  My parents had given us a wheat grinder for Christmas the year before and I was using it constantly.  With six kids at home, we were going through a gallon of milk a day.  I'm sure they don't have great memories of drinking powdered milk.

"Mom, my milk has lumps in it"  
"Then chew it!"

I'm joking - that's from a TV show we loved.  My powdered milk never had lumps...

 I was also making eight loaves of bread a week.  Needless to say, my grinder was always in use.  One day while making a cake, I noticed that I had run out of powdered sugar and needed frosting.  In my infinite wisdom, I had this brilliant idea that I could grind sugar.  :-o  I watched in horror as the melted sugar started oozing from the flour outlet.  The moment I turned it off, I realized that it had crystallized and the grinder has frozen up.  Not my proudest moment.  FYI, you can't grind sugar in a wheat grinder.

I grabbed my grinder and tools and ran to find a quite place, which happened to be my bathroom, where I could try and fix it without being interrupted.  

I've always been able to fix things, so I took it apart, keeping detailed notes so I could put it back together again.  I spent what seemed like an hour chiseling at the hardened sugar trying to get it to a place where I thought it would work again.   When I felt like I had gotten as much as I could, I started putting it back together, reversing my directions.  

Everything was working fine, until I got to the gear mechanism.  It didn’t make sense to me, and I couldn’t understand my notes.  I was so close, but I was stuck.  It was finally at that point with tears streaming down my face that I realized there was nothing more I could do by myself and I got on my knees.  I explained my problem to Heavenly Father and let him know how much we needed this grinder right now.  I couldn’t do this without His help.  After my prayer, I went back into the bathroom and looked at my grinder.  I have a hard time explaining what happened next, but it’s as if my mind was opened and I saw that grinder in a different way.  I understood how it worked - it all made sense.  I could have built one from scratch if I’d had to. 

I put the gears back in order, closed it up and turned it on.  It worked!  By the time I had finished attaching the base, I had forgotten everything - I don’t know how I did it.  But for that brief moment, the Lord had given me such a wonderful gift.  He had opened my eyes so I could understand how to fix my problem.

No one can tell me God doesn't answer prayers.  I know He loves us and wants to help us with things that are important to us.  Don't be afraid to get on your knees.


tifsong said...

you're so great, marcie.
thanks for sharing this.

i think sometimes we forget that we can pray about anything.

AllieBee said...

I love this story so much Mom :)

Marcie said...

Thanks you guys. :-)

chanelle said...

What a sweet story! I googled it to find out if I could make powdered sugar in my wheat grinder- won't be trying that! :)

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