The other day our kids came over with the grandkids for a Thai dinner.  The whole family was here  except for Dan who had to work.

Jordan is two and a barrel full of monkeys.  What a darling little toddler she is.  She is learning how to say "please" by tilting her head and saying in her cute little squeaky voice, "Say please!!!"

Sophie is a week and a half old and such a beautiful baby.  I can sit all day just holding her.  This is the good-parts version of being a mom.  I don't have to change diapers, just cuddle and spoil.

Gary has decided that I need to be called Gangy (as in Arrested Development).  It tickles his funny bone.  I'm not sure I'm very happy about this, but I have to admit its pretty funny.  Jordan has already started calling me that, at least that's what it sounds like.  If you haven't seen the show, she's a horribly wretched mother.

This is one of my favorite conversations about her:

Michael: Lindsay, new outfit?
Lindsay: This? No, I've had this for years. I think it's a hand-me-down from Mom.
Michael: You got a price tag. Right there.
Lindsay: Is there? I guess she wanted me to have something new. Sweet old thing.
Michael: Only two of those words describe Mom, so I know you're lying to me. And where did you get that outfit?
Lindsay: Old thing got it for me.

I'll be the Anti-Gangy.  :-)


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