Time to exercise

Its official.  I'm extremely out of shape.  I have felt a need to get some exercise for a while but it wasn't until I got on the elliptical this morning that I realized just how badly I need it.

Four minutes.

That's how long I lasted.

Its embarrassing.

But tomorrow will be better than today, and the next will be even better.

I have a friend that runs several miles each morning with her husband.  I'll never be a runner (Jerri, you rock!) but I will be in shape one day soon.

My day off

Today was fun.  Morelia gave me Tuesday off since I worked all day Monday while she moved back to St. George.  

My new couch and love seat were delivered today so I spent a little bit of time spraying fabric protector on them

Erica and I went to Twentyfive Main for lunch (yum) and then went to JC Penney and Walmart and did some shopping for her soon to be delivered baby girl.  :D

Stopped over at Dan and Debbie's apartment to check out their new digs and got to play with Jordan for a while

Came home and ate leftover Chinese food with Gary

Repaired one of the legs on our old green easy chair.  One of these days I'll reupholster it.  Its a mess right now

Replenished our 72 hour emergency kits

Watched a little TV

Went to bed

It was a pretty nice day.


When I was about three or four living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, my sister, Valerie and I had a cute little dog named Dobie.  One of our favorite past-times was to slide him down the laundry shoot to the basement and have him land in a basket full of laundry.  As far as we knew, he loved it.  Actually he was probably terrified of us.  But a sweet little dog nonetheless.

I've been looking for a picture of him in the boxes of old photographs I've got and couldn't find one anywhere.  I'm sure I've seen a picture of him, unless my memory of him is clearer than I thought it was.  I googled around for a dog that sort of looked like him and even though this isn't quite right, its close.  He was a little smaller and a darker brown.

Do you have a favorite pet from a long time ago that you still think about?  I miss Dobie.

We are cursed

I don't know what it is about the things that Gary and I like.  But when we love something so much, it's either discontinued or goes out of business (at least here in town).

Just to name a few:
  • Fazoli's
  • McCormick Imitation Butter Flavored Salt
  • Famous Dave's BBQ
  • Teriyaki Stix
  • Skipper's Seafood Restaurant
  • This yummy mozzarella cheese from Costco that was twisted up like a rope
Watch out Jack In The Box and Del Taco.  You're on the list...
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