Bunny fishing

When my three youngest girls were about four and five (the youngest two are twins) we lived in a house that had a balcony that overlooked an undeveloped desert landscape. We had horny toads and jack rabbits all over the place.

One of my favorite memories of that house was watching them entertain themselves by tying a carrot to a string and holding it over the balcony in hopes that they could feed a bunny. They never did get one to take a nibble but that didn't discourage them. They'd be out there day after day waiting for a bunny to eat their carrot.

I just love the thought process of a child.  In their mind anything is possible, and why not?  If we could all have that kind of imagination and excitement as we get older, think of the things we could accomplish. I'm always trying to quiet the voices in my head that tell me something isn't worth my time, that I'm not good enough or that there's no point in trying something new.

I'm really trying (the key word here is trying...) to step outside the box and be willing to try new things without fear of failure. Not trying because you're afraid is worse than trying and failing. Messing up just gives you an opportunity to try again. Here's to bunny fishing.


tifsong said...

I like you.

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