My wedding ring needs repairs, again.  I love my ring.  Its the one Gary bought for me before we were married.  But its needed repairs so many times, and now the prongs on the smaller stones are snagging things and I'm afraid I'm going to lose one of the diamonds.

Years ago when it needed repairs but we couldn't afford it, I went down to Walmart and got myself a gold band to wear so my finger didn't feel naked.

These days I'm in the mood for a little more pizzazz.  So Gary told me I could go out and find one I liked that we could afford.  I went to the jewelry store in the mall and found the perfect ring.

I've always wanted white gold or platinum, and this has just the right amount of bling for me.  I wish the photo looked better.  Please ignore my fingernails.  These are working hands - they're not for show.

I took it home to show Gary my new toy and he asked how much it cost.  "Seven dollars."  He exclaimed, "SEVEN DOLLARS???"  I said, "I'm sorry, did I spend too much?"  He gave me a big hug and said he loved it.  

I love him.  And I love Claire's.


Anonymous said...

Marcie, isnt it funny how sometimes the simplest of things can make us women happy!!

tifsong said...

you are ADORABLE. fo real. i love you. i adore you. :)

Marcie said...

Yup. Simple things are the best. As long as its cheap and sparkly!

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