Ode to peanut butter

I'm not sure what it is about a PBJ that I love so much.  A lot of it is the bread its on.  I have very fond memories of my mom's homemade wheat bread that was sometimes pretty crumbly, but with peanut butter to glue it together, it was awesome.

Elementary school sack lunches with a PBJ on Wonder white bread with grape jelly is another story.  The jelly would sit for hours soaking into the bread.  Then when you finally got to take it out of the fold-over plastic bag, it was smooshed and slightly dried out, but it was a bite of happiness.

And honey!  When honey soaks into white bread it gets crunchy.  Mmmmmm.

My very favorite store bought bread is Oroweat Multi-grain.  But its expensive so I settle for the Farm Bread at Lin's.  I like making bread when I have time, and homemade wheat bread with peanut butter is delightful.  Have you ever needed a peanut butter fix, but all you had in the house were hot dog buns?  Or tortillas?  Hot dog buns are better than tortillas.  I'll leave it at that.

I used to buy Jif because, well, choosy mothers choose Jif.  And it was yummy.  But I like Western Family just fine.  I cleaned out the last jar with a rubber spatula to get it ALL and went to get my backup jar but couldn't find it!  Gasp.....Panic attack!  I checked the closet and all the cupboards and almost ran to the store when I remembered the twirly cupboard...Yessssss!  I think I'd better have a few more in my storage closet.

When the kids were small and my husband came home for lunch unexpectedly, I offered him a peanut butter sandwich.  He replied that he wished he could have peanut butter more often.  I said he needed to come home for lunch more often.

This is a haiku I wrote to express my joy for peanut butter.

Creamy nutty spread -
delight with apricot jam...
peanut butter


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