No shows

I was all set to teach the makeup class for the Bellanca Bag, ready to put my new-found knowledge to work, but no one came.  So I went shopping instead.  I found some new shoes, a pair of jeans and some khaki pants.

I think what I'll do instead is go get some more fabric and make another bag.  I'll take photos as I go and post them here with instructions.  Maybe I'll try a different bag.

Here are few ideas:

My Favorite Bag Pattern

They're all pretty neat for different reasons.  I would choose a bold fabric from a quilt shop.  I like adding my own flair to projects.  Some people want their project to look exactly like the model they're copying, which is fine.  But I can't conform...must rebel...


Sume Family said...


These are GREAT!! I'm having a hard time deciding too, but I think the "Sweet Harmony" handbag. (They all look hard to make. lol)

Jerri :)

Marcie Bringhurst said...

I think I've narrowed it down to the Sweet Harmony bag and My Favorite Handbag. It shouldn't be so hard to decide - it's not rocket science! :-)

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