I like to sew

This has been my most recent passion.  I've always sewn.  From the time I was ten and attending 4-H in Moab, Utah.  I made a skirt out of yellow fabric with big pink flowers on it.  I was very proud of it because I put a zipper in, and it looked good!  At least from a ten year old's perspective.

I sewed as a teenager and made myself jeans, shirts, a swimming suit and a lined wool jacket and skirt.  But I felt like a fool in Home Economics in high school.  I knew what I was doing, even if Mrs. Marsden didn't approve of my methods.  But I'm sure everyone has issues with high school.

I sewed as a young mother and made jammies, blankets, dresses and dolls, and shirts for my husband. And Halloween costumes. And curtains. And pillows. And Christmas decorations. If it could be sewn, I probably made it.

And now I sew professionally. I worked at the costume shop at the Tuacahn Center for the Arts where I met Morelia Diaz. She's an incredible seamstress with a Master's degree in costume design. She found herself in need of help at her alteration shop and through a series of inspired events, she hired me. What a wonderful job this has been. I have learned so many things from Morelia that I wouldn't have otherwise learned.

I also was asked recently if I would like to teach a few apparel classes at a local quilt shop in town called The Quilted Works. And you know what? I had a really good time. I wasn't quite sure I was up to the challenge, but I'm glad I took that leap. I enjoy sharing my skills and knowledge with others.

So parts of this blog will be me showing you how to make something nifty I've found. And I'm looking forward to that too.

- Marcie


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